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 New design rotating table for wrapping palletized loads of any shape and weight with stretch film including stretch net. Synthesi is characterised by the use and application of already pre-stretch film and its simplified function.

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Technical Characteristics


Total installed power 0,75 kw
Standard voltage 230 V - 50/60 Hz – 1 Ph
Electric plant and motors protection degree IP 54
Turntable diameter 1500 mm
Max. pallet dimensions 800x1200 mm
Standard Wrapping height 2100 mm
Max. Load weight 1500 Kg
Rotation speed adjustable by frequency changer from 3 to 12 rpm
Spool carriage upwards/downwards speed adjustable by frequency changer
Acceleration/deceleration ramps adjustable by frequency changer
Precise phase stopping at cycle end

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